Tera Roach is the New Editor of Trapper’s World

    I am very honored to become the new editor of Trapper’s World magazine. Although this is a new position I am no stranger to the magazine.  It all started when I picked up a free copy of the magazine in 2002 at the Maryland Fur Trappers convention.  The magazine was full of great articles and I subscribed right away. From there I started writing for Trapper’s World in 2003 and some of you might remember I was on the cover of the September/October issue that year.  Then in 2006 I became the advertising manager for Trapper’s World. I will still be handling the advertising along with being editor.  As you can see there is no real change of hands. Kyle is moving on, Tom Parr will be the owner/general manager, and I will be the editor/advertising manager. 
    For those of you who don’t know me I would like to introduce myself.  I am from Maryland and started trapping over 20 years ago. My traplines have covered three states and everything from weasels to black bear.  Red fox trapping in my home state takes up most of my season.  For a few years I worked with the Maryland Fur Trappers and the National Trappers Association to promote trapping. I testified against several anti-trapping hearings in Maryland and spent a week in Washington, DC advocating fur trapping. Trapping has always been important to me. This is the next chapter in my trapping story.
    We want to hear from you! Send your trapline photographs in for our Photo Album. Got a good story or technique?  Submit your article to Trapper’s World.  Along with articles from our seasoned staff writers I would like to start the “Through the Eyes of a Woman” column again. If you’re a female trapper consider sharing your experiences with our readers.  Know a woman trapper? Encourage her to submit an article.  Trapper’s World will have a booth at the Pennsylvania convention June 7th-9th and at the NTA convention August 2-4th.  Stop by and introduce yourself. This magazine is for you our readers.  Enjoy and we appreciate your feedback. – Tera