Our readers spend at least $2,500,000 on trapping supplies per year. 75% of our readers have placed an order with a Trapper’s World advertiser in the last six months. Subscriptions grow with each issue, as Trapper’s World is constantly expanding. Almost 99.9% of our readers belong to trapping organizations, and 80% attend trapping conventions anually. So when you advertise with Trapper’s World you are reaching the most active trappers in the country. Our advertising rates are the most affordable in the industry, so make the most of your money by advertising with Trapper’s World. Contact us with any questions concerning advertising in Trapper’s World.

The fur market is always going to fluctuate, but your business doesn’t have to. Include Trapper’s World in your advertising and marketing plans, as our loyal subscribers don’t let their interest in trapping fluctuate with the fur markets.


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