Progress Report!

All the back issues going back through 2008 are now available for purchase. Many of the staff writer bios have been added. Look for sample articles and more back issues later this week. – Kyle

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Welcome to! Trapper's World is owned, written, edited, and read by trappers. It's our goal to provide you with the best information written by the best trappers in the business. With decades of experience from all corners of the country, Trapper's World will help you gain knowledge and be more successful on your trapline.
We'll be working on updating over the next few weeks to provide you with an easy, convenient way of subscribing, renewing, and purchasing Trapper's World products.
No matter what animals you trap, or where you trap them, Trapper's World has something for every trapper! Check back soon, as this is just the beginning of – Kyle Kaatz, Editor