Staff Writer’s

Jim Comstock

Jim began trapping in the mid 60’s in the Adirondacks, not far from from his early mentor Johnny Thorpe who he later partnered with in Virginia for beaver and ‘coon for several seasons in the 70’s and one fall in Colorado in 1982.  State hopping spanning 15 years, would also take him to Quebec in 1974, Alabama for a couple of seasons and southern California for eight seasons ending in 1990.  His first love was beaver and otter trapping, with the later years spent in southern California on bobcat-fox lines, proving to be even more rewarding and enjoyable.  Jim has taken thousands of beaver and hundreds of bobcats and fox while participating in the live otter trapping and relocation project in the late 90’s in New York.    

            Jim and Judy returned to his roots and together built a full scribe log cabin by hand in Gansevoort, N.Y.  Locally elevated beaver populations provided the opportunity for record catches in the early 1990’s in fur and nuisance work.  However, in time he would make the transition from fur trapper to ADC, now engaged in trapping some of the less glamorous woodchucks, skunks and squirrels, while specializing in nuisance beaver removal.

            First sharing his experiences on the line in Virginia, Jim began writing in 1978, something that has continued in a number of magazines to this day.  With a passion for better equipment, he has given demos at conventions and written many articles about new and better products, passing on helpful information to aid others on their lines.     

            Jim’s interest in anything related to trapping spilled over into innovation.   He invented the first power door, wire trigger cage traps, not only good for the smaller animals, but also a rugged, versatile beaver cage trap that essentially replaces a conibear, on land and even under water in states that have lost conventional trapping, providing the tools for fur trappers to return to their heritage, trapping as they had years ago.  His unique design would allow the traps to be set right side up, upside down, sideways and even vertically on land and in or under water, working as well as or better than many conventional devices.

            Not satisfied with “out of the box” anything or slowing down, Jim continues to make and market new products with his sights set on the future in modified body grippers, cage traps and more ground breaking innovations in new devices.


Morris Fenner

Morris was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, moving to Nevada in 2001. He started trapping in 1954 for muskrats and skunks. Over the years he has trapped fox, mink, muskrats, coon, fisher, marten, coyotes, beaver, otter, bobcats, kit fox, and skunks. He has trapped in 10 states; PA, NY, VA, ME, NC, MS, AR, IA, MO and now NV. He has written for most of the trapping magazines over the last 25 years. He has been a staff writer for TW for the past 10 years. Over 22 years ago he wrote a book, "A Few More Otter." His new book, "55 Years of Trapline Adventures" is soon to be released. Morris is a member of the Nevada and National Trappers Associations as well as a Lifetime member of the Fur Takers. He and his wife, Martha have one son, a chef in Idaho.

Jackie Malone

I began trapping in 1977 with some borrowed traps from a cousin, it was a struggle just figuring out how to set them. Caught a beaver in one of them, a old 1.5 single spring blake and lamb long the first night out and thought there was nothing to this. 35 years later im still trying to figure it out. Ive trapped from one end of my home state of Alabama to the other through the years as well as a stint in Missouri for a month on the otter project with Dave Hamilton who has since passed away too early in his life. A friend gave me the chance to fulfil my boyhood dream of trapping out in Arizona several years ago as well. My traplines have carried me many places and ive met many interesting people along the way many whom have become life long friends. Ive seen fur markets boom and ive watched them go bust, sometimes it seems in the same season on certain items. Since 2002 ive worked for USDA Wildlife Services mostly handling beaver complaints but occaisonally a coyote problem as well as on the ORV Rabies Project and also down on the Gulf when the oil spill occurred, rescuing injured or oiled up birds. I served as President of the Alabama Trappers and Predator Control Association from 2000-2004 and have served as my states NTA Director since 2005. In the past 4 or so years ive helped with the Youth Furbearer Workshop's our state Dept. of Game and Freshwater Fisheries put on as well as set up booths at outdoor events and give talks about trapping at different schools and FFA clubs. So far we have had over 200 kids, parents, guardians, etc. pass through the Youth Workshops and have increased them from 1 our first year to 6 state wide this year.



L. Craig O'Gorman

Over the past decades Craig O'Gorman has become one of the elite authorities on predator trapping. Having trapped over 41,200 animals, written countless articles, various books, and taken instructions from legends like Bill Nelson, J. Curtis Grigg, and Don Bolte; Craig brings valuable insights to the pages of Trapper's World. His O'Gorman Long Line Lures are recognized worldwide.

Slim Pedersen

Larry "Slim" Pedersen was born October 16th, 1944 in Billings, Montana. Raised in Absarokee, Montana by his grandmother, Slim started trapping at age 8. After grade school and high school in Absarokee, Slim spent two years at Rocky Mountain College and two years at Eastern Montana College both in Billings. While in college Slim caught an astonishing 223 bobcats in one season with a partner!

Slim has trapped across the country, doing predator control work or fur trapping in Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, California, New Mexico, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Maine, and Georgia. He trapped for the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, ADC Division which later became U.S. Department of Agriculture doing animal damage control work for 7 years. He also did damage control work for 1 year for Garfield County, Montana, and 25 years for Carter County Montana.

Over the years Slim has caught coyotes, bobcats, red fox, gray fox, kit fox, badgers, skunks (both spotted and striped), weasels (all three sizes), fisher, raccoons, muskrats, mink, beaver, otter, bear, and mountain lions.

Having written countless articles, 9 books, and producing 8 videos on trapping and predator calling, Slim has shared his knowledge with trappers for over 30 years! After two years of field testing, he and Ed Courtney developed the very first squeaker unit. Slim was one of the very first trappers to write about trap modifications, and promote the use of laminated jaws. He also invented the "Pedersen Knot" snare lock concept. Slim’s work has helped revolutionize traps and snares. Slim’s on-going trap concept with pivoting, padded jaws is only a testament as to his dedication in developing the very best tools for the trapper.

Slim is a member of Fur Takers of America, Montana Trappers Association, South Dakota Trappers Association, Georgia Trappers Association, and National Trappers Association. Slim has served as Montana NTA Director, and in 2006 was inducted into the prestigious NTA Hall of Fame.

Slim Pedersen continually leaves his mark on the trappers he crosses pathes with through articles, demos, and internet forums. As unwilling as he would be to accept the compliment, he is undeniably one of the fathers of modern day trapping.


Johnny Thorpe

Scott Welch

Scott WelchScott Welch hails from north-central Ohio where he owns and operates Welch’s High Production Lures and Baits.  Scott is an “old-school” type trapper who pursues anything that bears fur. From his childhood days reading old Fur-Fish-Game magazines from his Grandfather’s basement and practicing dirt-hole sets in the garden with an old Victor coilspring, trapping has played a large part in his life.  He makes respectable catches in his native state, and plies his trade in a couple of other states each season as well. Scott has written for Trapper’s World for several years and we are glad to have him on board as a staff writer. Scott has garnered a following with his “down to earth” writing style, and many say that reading an article by Scott is just like sitting there talking to him!  Scott freely passes information along to his readers, and his knowledge and experience are apparent.  Scott has published a book, “Predator Trapping Theories and Techniques” that has been well received and praised by the trapping community, and has released a video “Trapline Techniques: Mud, Snow and Predators.”

J.P. Wilson

I own and run Wilson’s Sure-Thing Lures and trapping supplies. I have been born and raised in upstate New York. My grandfather and father had a background of trapping which was passed down the family line. I started trapping at a fairly young age and grew to truly love the sport. I began learning a lot from old trapping magazines and books, reading everything I could get my hands on, I still do! I mainly trap in the black, rocky waters of the Adirondacks. I like to run a mixed line catching a variety of animals. Mink and muskrats have always received a majority of my attention but I’ve chased all furbearing animals at one point or another. Trapping and being a part of this industry is part of my life.

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