May/June 2012 – Volume 13 Number 3

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Coyote Trapping Is A Drag In The Rain By Matt Jones

Mountains, Mishaps, and Memories By J.P. Wilson

Stabilizer Use: Simplification At It's Best By Mike Marchewka

Trapping and Yesteryear - Part 21 By Keith Winkler

ADC Memories By Ken Sawyer

Trapping With Dad By Josh Jones

A Tribute To Oldtime Minkers By Morris Fenner

The Fur Market Report with John Epler

Down Yonder with a Yankee and a Hillbilly

Trapper's World Classic "Foxes In The 'Dacks" By O.L. Butcher

The Product Spotlight "DCTM's Death Diamond Drowning Lock"

The Last Set with John Logan

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