Writer’s Guidelines

  • Manuscripts must be trapping related, or of interest to trappers
  • All types of material will be considered, from feature length articles to short stories and poetry
  • Feature length articles may be up to 5000 words, and should include at least 3 clear photographs. If possible, submit extra photographs so the editor has several to choose from. Generally, feature articles tell a story of a particular trapline adventure. This may include some "how-to" information as well.
  • Instructional "how-to" articles are also welcome. Instructional articles are generally a maximum of 2500 words, and include photos. Photo's should emphasize the details of the manuscript.
  • Manuscripts must be typed, and can be sent, faxed, or emailed to the editor. Emailed articles with digital photos are given preference. It is best when sending photos to send the original photo, with a hard copy of the manuscript. Manuscripts may be saved on a CD as well (check with the editor to make sure your software is compatible first). Make sure your name and address is on all photos so they can be returned to you.
  • Trapper's World will pay up to $100 for feature length articles. Please remember the editorial schedule is tight, and it may take several issues before your article is printed. All un-used photos and manuscripts will be returned.

A few tips…

  • Check spelling, puncuation, and grammar. Avoid run-sentences.
  • Pictures often speak a 1,000 words. Trappers like to see pictures, and good photos will increase interest in your manuscript.
  • Avoid bragging or being abrasive. Let your experiences speak for themselves.
  • Check with the editor first, sometimes there may be a need for a certain type of article. Perhaps an article about a certain animal, a certain event, or a certain part of the country.

*** If you have submitted to or your article has been printed in another publication it is MANDATORY that you let the editor know upon submission.

Trapper's World is a unique magazine, "For Trappers By Trappers". We look forward to reading what you have to write. Take the time to share your experience and knowledge by writing.

Article submissions can be sent directly to the Editor,
Tera Roach: trappersworld@hotmail.com

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